The new leadership book by Jonathan Frost

FINAL zebra-cover

I am delighted to announce the launch of my first book!

‘When Zebras Discover Motorbikes: How to influence people, situations and results.’

It is an easy to read and entertaining text all about leadership, thriving on change and how to influence people. It starts off with a parable in which life in the Serengeti changes markedly when the Zebras discover motorbikes.  We look at how the lions respond to this significant change and gain some very practical insights into ‘patterns of behaviours’ and ‘personal drivers’ during their journey. In the second part of the book we find a practical 5-part process, a proven technique to influence people, situations and results.

It has been written for managers, leaders and key influencers. If your success depends on the performance of others, this book is for you. It provides a wealth of practical tips, hints and techniques that you will find helpful and motivating. If you are initiating change or experiencing it, you will find this a helpful ‘go to’ resource.

What the reviews said…

“This is a book you will recommend to colleagues”
“Well written and thought provoking”
“Inspiring and thought provoking regarding change, human behaviours and leadership”
“100% recommended!”
“Use the thought provokers, they work”

Available on Amazon right now.  Click here for more

1 thought on “The new leadership book by Jonathan Frost

  1. Great read. Mr. Frost has an excellent grasp of the key factors that influence behavioral change in the corporate world, and is able to articulate his change management approach in a most entertaining way.

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